First Project

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We are so grateful for Neatoshop giving us our start with our first project. Neatoshop has long been known to have incredible quality prints on t-shirts and hoodies and have been the printer of choice for many artists and shirt designers. Our project has been basically to get the secret out and help Neatoshop grow.

We identified the following market segments that could be a good fit for Neatoshop:

  • Bands & Musical Artists

  • Small Brands

  • Charities & Organizations

Our initial focus is on Bands and Musical Artists. This mainly has been reaching out directly to bands and artists that have active profiles on sites used primarily by independent artists. This has yielded some results so far and our hope is as we get more bands and artists on board, it’ll provide some examples that will hopefully make it easier to recruit even more.

In the near future we’ll move onto small brands(YouTubers, bloggers, start-up apparel designers, etc..) and we think there is potential with charities and organizations when it comes to fundraising and events.

We’ve worked with a very talented graphic designer to design the graphic we’re using for this campaign, who we’ll talk about more on a later post when discussing another project we’re working on. This graphic was used to promote on social media with the link to the project page on our site which has a form that can be filled out if there is any interest. Unfortunately, we had to add some fields to this form and make them required to prevent fake emails from being submitted, this lesson was quickly learned. This should hopefully provide a good avenue for any inbound traffic we can generate.

This project has been very exciting and we’re looking forward to seeing what we can do with it. We’ll post some updates on this project in the future.

Memory Worthy