Journey Begins

The vision of what we’re trying to do appears so crystal clear when discussing it and tossing ideas around but when it came to presenting this vision in a way that could be easily understood……wow, that was not expected to be a challenge. It really was and still is a challenge that we face and are trying to overcome. While the concept is simple, explaining it becomes so complex. We simply want to help businesses, particularly small businesses, with achieving their goals. But when you state that then all the questions pop up, what kind of goals? What can we do to help? What areas are we able to help in? But the real vision we have has no bounds or guidelines. We want to be the needed extra sets of hands that can jump in and partner with businesses that are hungry and striving for more and be an asset that can help them get there. Whatever the area, we want to help. Marketing? Let’s do it! Sales? Let’s find some leads and get to work! Financial? Let’s do some analysis! Operations? Let’s improve some processes! Success is exciting and we want to share in this excitement with as many businesses as we can. We also want to build a network of businesses that can help us help other businesses as we go. Hopefully, we can build toward a community of shared success.

This is our first blog post of hopefully many more to come, because we want to document this journey. This won’t be a typical blog that crams in as many keywords as possible to help with our SEO and we also won’t be endlessly posting articles that rehash ideas of others. We hope to innovate and come up with some new ideas with the businesses we work with. We hope that we can work with some innovative businesses with passionate people along the way.

We plan for this to be a fun and exciting journey, sure there will be some bumps and we will share those just as we’ll share the wins.

Devin Zediker