Back to Drawing Board


Always a bitter pill to swallow when things don’t go as hoped. We’ve had some challenges with our project with Neatoshop, most of which self-inflicted because we strayed from our original goal of thinking outside of the box. Amazing how quickly you can veer off course and fall into the trap of using the methods that are regurgitated vaguely in so many articles and posts. Our goal is original ideas and solutions.

We put a lot of time into some direct emailing and also tried some adwords campaigns, we narrowed our keywords and got a lot of clicks but not much activity beyond looking. While it yielded some results, we didn’t get the results we would have hoped.

So it is back to the drawing board, but we have to remember our original goal of thinking outside the box. Our client Neatoshop has amazing quality, has a platform with similar(actually more) capability to very large players in their industry, and they are a family owned business with appreciative and passionate service. This company is a rare find and we have to help get the word out, spread this secret so more people can benefit.

So our goal moving forward is to find some advertising and promotional partners that have customers in the same market segments that we are targeting. Surely, we can find some businesses that can see the benefit of providing those within their reach the merchandise opportunity that Neatoshop can bring. Also we’ll be searching for businesses that could benefit from working directly with Neatoshop to offer their customers a unique solution that they and Neatoshop can together provide.

In other news, we’re excited to now being working with another company that does logo and website design, they bring incredible talent and we’re looking forward into helping in every way we can. We’ll have more on that later.

Memory Worthy